African Folklore - New arrival Zebra Scarve

African Folklore - New arrival Zebra Scarve

Designed in South Africa.  As a wearer you can be part of the story.

Source:  Asatsi

Long ago, when animals were still new on Earth, the weather was very hot and what little water there was remained in small pools.  One of these was guarded by a proud old baboon.

”I am the lord of the water,” he said when other animals came to drink.  “You may not have my water.”

One day a pure white zebra came down to the pool to drink (in those days all zebras were white).  The baboon, who was sitting by his fire, jumped up,  “Go away,” he barked.

”The water is for everyone, not just for you, monkey-face,” said the zebra.  “Oh yes?” The baboon responded.  “Then you’ll have to fight me for it.”

The baboon rushed at the zebra and soon they were locked in fierce combat.  Finally, with a mighty kick, the zebra send the baboon flying high into the rocks of the cliff behind them.  He landed with a smack on his backside and today it’s sill hairless from the abrasion.

But the zebra, dazed from the battle, staggered and fell into the baboon’s fire.  Being to tired to get out quickly, the logs on the fire scorched him leaving stripes across his white fur.  The shock sent the zebra galloping away to the plains, where he has stayed ever since.  The baboon and his family, however remain high up among the rocks where they BRK defiance at all strangers and hold up their tails to ease the smarting of their bald patches.

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